Cheap hotels in Ras al Khaimah


The hotel Ras al khaimah is one of the best hotels in Ras al khaimah due to its excellent and comfortable facilities as compared to many other hotels. The hotel Ras al khaimah is one of the most preferred and most visited hotel by the visitors. Hotel Ras al khaimah is famous for its verities of foods and its outstanding services, which made it attractive for many of the Europeans. It became a target to people who are yet to visit and became an excellent memory in the mind of people those who had visited.

Ras al khaimah hotel offers a wide verity of services in all the aspects of living, that is it provides a good and comfortable stay with well furnished rooms and many verities of food items. It also provides many different types of entertainments like swimming pools, floodlit tennis courts and indoor squash courts. It provides a 24- hours room service, spa treatment with certain authentic oils, gym with all the recent facilities available, laundry and dry cleaning, ladies and men’s saloon and a high speed internet. Kids club caters to the kids with various activities.

catering service-Ras al Khaimah hotel

The hotel Ras al khaimah is providing royal catering services for a number of years, that is since 1975 and have hosted Banquets for VIPs, Royals and dignitaries visiting Ras al khaimah. It also offers a buffet lunch and a buffet dinner at reasonable prices, which is very much comfortable for people visiting Ras al khaimah. The hotel Ras al khaimah offers special verities of food items which will be more comfortable for the visitors who are taking fasting.

The hotel Ras al khaimah offers 92 comfortably furnished rooms, which are elegant with excellent facilities. There are 4 types of rooms available in hotel Ras al khaimah and includes 45 standard rooms, 37 twin rooms 3 presidential/royal suites, 1 julphar suite and 6 executive suites. All available at reasonable prices.


Another attractive feature is that the hotel Ras al khaimah is only at a distance of 15 minutes from Ras al khaimah International Airport and is only at a distance of 45 minutes from the Dubai International Airport.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the middle east’s most peaceful and wealthy country. It is a federation of seven emirates. Ras al khaimah is one of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates. Ras al khaimah or RAK is the United Arab Emirates northernmost emirate.

sandy beach

The gorgeous mountain scenery of Ras al khaimah makes it attractive for a number of tourists.The landscapes of Ras al khaimah is famous for its verities of plants and animals.

Hajar maountain

The visitors can enjoy different kinds of scenery like the stunning views Hajar mountains, sandy beaches, sprawling oasis,hot springs, red sanded deserts and mangrove forests. It is also famous for its rich and fertile land, and also for its palm trees. RAK is also the gateway to the magnetizing musandam peninsula,which is an enclave of Oman.

sandy beach_rak

Along with the natural beauty of the place, it is also attractive as a free trade zone and a good business center with leisure facilities and luxury resorts. From the ancient times onward it is famous for its trading and business zone between the Oman and the UAE, and thus to other parts of the world. The it is a hub for both the tourists and business people.


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