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Best hotels in UAE – Ras al Khaimah 

ras al khaimah uae

We all know that UAE is one of the best tourism destinations in the World. most of us are visited in UAE at least one time.  Ras al khaimah, which is one of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates, is nearer to the beautiful city of Dubai. Dubai is famous for its nightlife and also for its shopping areas. Which is one of the richest cities of the world and it is also famous for different kinds of business. Many of these kinds of features make the city of Dubai an important tourist attractive spot. Ras al khaimah is also another emirate nearer to Dubai famous for its unique climatic condition which is usually hot and dry but is little rainy for few months and its varied landscapes.


Ras al Khaimah, the best tourist place in UAE

The varied landscapes of the Ras al khaimah includes the expanded red sanded deserts, mind blowing views of the parts of Hajar mountains, gorgeous beaches with lots of water sports, pleasant wadis, mangrove forests with different types of animals and plants which are different from other parts of UAE and the palm trees of Ras al khaimah which grows in their fertile land is also very much peculiar from other emirates of UAE.


The Ras al khaimah is not only the land for tourism but also for business since the ancient times. The ancient architecture of Ras al khaimah shows the creativity and the beauty of the ancient Arabian culture. The ancient buildings and creative items are the best examples to show the Arab culture, by which many of the Europeans are attracted to the mesmerizing Ras al khaimah. Asians are mainly attracted towards the business part and the Ras al khaimah lies in a strategic position between the mountains. The business usually occurs to the Far East and also the European countries.

Hotels in Ras al Khaimah

All these make the Ras al khaimah a destiny for many of the people. The hotel Ras al khaimah is one of the best hotels of Ras al khaimah which provides all the needed facilities and services at the lowest and affordable prices for the visitors. Ras al khaimah is now one of the most opted hotels in Ras al khaimah due to its attractive prices and offers.


The hotel is located at the northern tip of the mountain and it lets the visitors to enjoy the natural scenic beauty of the Ras al khaimah. It provides a pleasant and beautiful view of Ras al khaimah for the visitors in the hotel Ras al khaimah. The hotel is only at a distance of 15 minutes from the Ras al khaimah International Airport and is at a distance of 45 minutes from the Dubai International Airport.

The hotel provides 92 comfortably furnished elegant rooms and suites with mezzanine + three floors. It has 45 stardard rooms, 37 twin rooms 3 presidential/ royal suites, 1 julphar suite and 6 excucutive suites.


The hotel has temperature controlled swimming pools separate for adults and children. It promotes any of the water sports and it also has separate training facilities for the children to learn swimming and also for different kinds of water sports. Many of the visitors visiting hotel Ras al khaimah will make use of this as swimming is one of the best exercises. Another one is the gym which is provided with all the latest equipment and facilities to keep people fit.


The hotel Ras al khaimah is famous for its spa treatment with certain authentic oils and some sorts of new techniques in order to refresh and  rejuvenate the body and mind. Thus the hotel Ras al khaimah gives a much more importance for the wellness and health of the people visiting them.


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